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Behind Already! September 12, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:18 pm

Here it is the fourth day of school, and I am already behind in sharing lunches. Gee, you’d think with ALL my kids in school ALL day, I’d have all sorts of time. Truth be told, while I am more than happy to see my kids at the end of the day, I am reveling in my free time, enjoying a few weeks to do what I want before I start back to work and volunteering in the kids’ classrooms. So, I’m behind because I’ve been playing, catching up with friends, going to the library sans kids, running errands, that sort of stuff.

That being said, here are Friday and today’s lunches:


The Contents – Fried rice, carrots, peas, cucumber slices and cantaloupe. Chocolate-zucchini cake.
The Details – Fried rice was left over from night’s prior dinner. Fried rice is a great dish: carbs (rice), protein (eggs and meat) and veggies. It helps that it is a kid-favorite too.
The Verdict –  Lunch containers licked clean!




The Contents – Pizza, apple slices, grapes and strawberries. Rice crispy treat.
The Details – Easy lunch based on birthday party leftovers. Love it when that happens. Each kid got a slice of pizza that had to be re-cut and stacked in order to fit into the box. And yes, they just eat it cold.
The Verdict – I love that my boys will eat things that I send in their lunches that they typically would not eat at home. Not sure if it is because it is a small quantity or there is just no other option, but it reminds me that 1) I should be thankful for my generally non-picky eaters and 2) perhaps I need to be a little more strict at home when they are being picky eaters!

See you tomorrow…working on a post about the weekend birthday party I mentioned..Angry Birds!





One Response to “Behind Already!”

  1. I sure wish you would pack MY lunches! (Sigh)

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