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Lunch Experiments September 13, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 9:10 pm

Today I tried a new lunch option for my kids – something I like, but oddly had not offered my kids. Going off my “you like all of the ingredients individually, so quit complaining before you try it”* platform, I thought this should be a reasonable success, but then you just never know. It always makes me a little nervous when I send new foods for lunch, just in case they don’t like it. I know, I know, they won’t starve, but they sure do learn better when they aren’t hungry.


The Contents – turkey and hummus pita sandwiches, black plums, peaches, granny smith apple chunks, sugar snap peas and cucumber slices. Half done cake ball for dessert.

The Details – The turkey and hummus combination was new, but like I said, something they will all eat separately. I was hoping that combining them would be a good option for a protein boost.

The half done cake balls? You will get to read more about those later this week, but let’s say I had a total birthday cake failure this past weekend. At least they can be re-purposed into these little lunch box characters.

The Verdict – There was a little confusion over the dessert (really?!?…can we just not eat chocolate cake without comment?!?) but other than that, the only complaint about this lunch was that it was not big enough. The kids liked the turkey and hummus so I will definitely be doing this again since my daughter won’t eat a normal sandwich.

*Last night, we tried a new salad for dinner and there was much grumbling. When I pointed out that they liked every single ingredient in the salad, including the dressing, they were at least willing to try. Both the older kids ended up eating several helpings, much to their surprise!



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