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Friday Night Wrap Up September 16, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 11:31 pm

First off, welcome to all of you new readers this week! I received the nicest message from one of you, expressing gratitude for sharing ideas that were “good, healthy and SIMPLE.”  And really, that’s exactly what it’s all about. Being a parent is complicated enough, why make it harder than it needs to be? Yesterday I had the experience of getting five kids out the door by 8:50. I had my three, plus a 17 month old and four month old. And you know what? With a little planning and some cooperation from my big kids, it all happened. That’s how simple packing good and healthy lunches can be.

So without further ado, here are this week’s last two lunches:


The Contents – Potstickers, apple slices, carrot sticks, snap peas and cake balls.

The Details – Potstickers were boiled and cooled to room temperature. Had I been super organized, these could have been prepared the night before. And yep, my kids eat these cold too. Cake balls were speared onto sword picks because as my five year old pointed out, “these balls aren’t really cake balls if they aren’t on sticks.” And, I needed something to eat up the extra space and stop the cake balls from rolling all over the place 🙂

The Verdict – Lunch inhaled.


The Contents – Corn dog muffin, apple bites, strawberries, grapes, pretzels, cake ball

The Details – I made these muffins the night before so this lunch was super fast to pack up!  I put the cake ball into a mini silicone muffin liner so that the pretzels wouldn’t absorb the moisture of the cake and get soggy.

The Verdict – The kids are getting tired of cake balls. Darn, I better go finish those up. Don’t want good food going to waste!

Have a great weekend!


3 Responses to “Friday Night Wrap Up”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I never considered packing potstickers! Thanks for the idea. I still need to try making the corn dog muffins.

  2. Is there a recipe somewhere for the Corn Dog muffins? Thanks! Crystal

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