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Hump Day Catch Up September 21, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 10:19 pm

Today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday…
(extra points to the reader who can name that tune…it’s one of my 5 year old’s favorites)

Two lunches to update you with today:


The Contents – Carrots, celery, cantaloupe, turkey and hummus roll, strawberries and chocolate cake.

The Details – We saved a slice of Daddy’s birthday cake to divide three ways. I have those fake grass dividers that you often see in sushi trays and those served as a nice separation between the cake and turkey roll. Really, who wants tortilla touching their chocolate cake?!?

The celery was an experiment. My boys hate it, but I thought that with just one piece they may go for it, and guess what? They did, yay!

The Verdict – Lunch eaten. Complaints that the cake made a mess over everything.


The Contents – Leftover lemon chicken, cheese, crackers, grapes, apple slices, orange slices and a piece of candy.

The Details – I had two chicken tenders left from last night’s dinner, and since my daughter didn’t care for it, but my boys loved it, this worked out perfectly. She got a tub of peanut butter and everyone was happy. I didn’t think that one chicken would be enough, so I supplemented with slices of cheese. Love it when I can use up a few bites of dinner this way.

The Verdict – Everyone raved about their lunches today 🙂

A Side Note – I was volunteering at my kids’ school today and happened to be there at lunch time. My older two have never really cared if I come have lunch with them, but my baby was so happy to see me! Warmed my heart, and he was so proud to show me his grown up self and introduce me to his friends. Love!!!

Looking for more lunch ideas?  I like to link up here on Wednesdays.  Lots more ideas to check out!


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