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Daddy’s Lunch September 22, 2011

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The Contents – Daddy’s ham roll-up, pears, carrots, grapes and a fudge stripe cookie

The Details – Last weekend, my husband was scrounging through the fridge for something to make the kids and ended up rolling deli ham into tortillas. Apparently is was the best thing ever and my kids have been begging me to make them all week.

And so I did.

And my daughter claimed I made them all wrong, that they were supposed to be “messy, with meat hanging all over the place”. Okay. Mental note taken.

The boys have two rolls stacked, just one for the girl.

The Verdict – Lunches eaten. I still cannot believe how much my baby eats.


One Response to “Daddy’s Lunch”

  1. Kim K Says:

    I started making those last year, though I added a cream cheese spread under the ham to help it all stay together. The kids love them!

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