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Leftover Pasta Options September 27, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 5:23 pm

We had spaghetti last week and somehow, I made waaaaay too many noodles. Here are a couple of lunches that helped use them up:


The Contents – Chicken noodle soup, cantaloupe, grapes and two Oreos

The Details – Soup is kept warm in the thermos…this is simply a can of homestyle chicken soup with some of our leftover noodles. I bring the soup to a near boil and then pour it into thermoses. My kids claim that it is nice and warm at lunch, but not so hot that they can’t eat it.

The Verdict – I thought this would be too much soup, but they all licked those thermoses clean!


The Contents – Pasta with leftover teriyaki chicken and peas, cantaloupe, kiwi, white pears and chocolate chip cookies

The Details – These noodles are tossed with a bit of teriyaki sauce and a handful of frozen peas. We had leftover chicken that I just threw on top of the noodles.

My kids had a mix of fruit as they don’t all like all of today’s options. One got all of it, one kiwi and cantaloupe, the other got peaches and cantaloupe.

The Verdict – I knew this lunch would go over well, my kids love teriyaki 🙂

And the last lunch. No noodles, but sandwiches for the first time this school year:


The Contents – Half turkey sandwich on wheat, apple bites, grapes and fruit snacks

The Details – My daughter actually took a honey sandwich with a tub of peanut butter and a knife. I thought it was sweet of her to wrap her knife up in her fruit snack garbage to minimize the amount of peanut butter brought home. Sometimes she does love her little brother.

The Verdict – Despite the complaining about sandwiches, they all ate their lunches.


2 Responses to “Leftover Pasta Options”

  1. erin e Says:

    question – my son loves loves loves pears, but can’t stand when i put them in his lunch because they turn brown. any ideas on how to keep them from turning brown? one i idea i had was i put a whole pear in a round tupperware thingy, but apparently it was all bruised and made a big mess when he tired to eat it…

    • Sarah Says:

      Tossing them in vitamin C is supposed to work, but I haven’t tried it. Lemon juice, orange juice, or I even read that some have dissolved a vitamin C tablet in water! I remember my mom teaching me the lemon juice trick for fruit salads, you just needed a tiny bit.

      For pears, I have found it better to send half a pear packed cut-side down so that it doesn’t roll around. Such a yummy, but finicky piece of fruit!

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