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Fresh Fruit September 28, 2011

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Okay all you readers who have asked about keeping fruit from browning. This one is for you.

Today, my friend taught me to can. Yummy, ripe pears. Can’t wait to try them, how can you go wrong? But before canning the pears, she showed me this great little product called Fresh Fruit. She sprinkled a little in bowl of water and then we soaked the pears for just a few minutes. Not a speck of brown. She also showed me an apple that she had cut the night before and left in a baggie on her counter. Pure white.

According to the directions, you can also just sprinkle it on the fruit.

It’s an all natural antioxidant, and my friend is super good about not adding junk to her food so I’ll trust her judgement on this one.

Haven’t looked for it in stores yet, but I did see it on Amazon for about $5 a bottle.

Have you tried this? Thoughts?


5 Responses to “Fresh Fruit”

  1. I’ve used it in the past, and thank you for the reminder. I need to do it again, as I have one kiddo rejecting the cut apples due to “brownness.”

  2. My Mom used it all the time when she was canning. It is great!

    Pears look yummy. We had a big “shed” in our garage full of canned, peaches, pears, cherries, tomatos, pickels….yummy!!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Good to know about Fresh Fruit! I’ve also had luck with just dipping the fruit in some water and a few drops of lemon juice. I think the lemon juice helps form a barrier against oxidation. And it gives a nice slight lemony flavor. I’ve also drizzled lemon juice over sliced fruit and then sprinkled a little brown sugar on top, which is a hit at my house also. An added bonus is that, if brown spots DO form, the brown sugar helps hide them.

    • Sarah Says:

      That reminds me of a favorite preschool snack – peeled apple slices tossed in cinnamon. Kids never knew, and cinnamon is good for you too!

  4. Heidi Says:

    If you ever can again, I’d love to come and learn. I’ve always wanted to learn how to can. And I’ve never tried that Fresh Fruit. I use lemon juice and water and my kids still complain they turn brown. 😦

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