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Turning Ten October 11, 2011

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Yes, I am still here.  Barely.  But I am here.  I’m drowning in October.  Working, chaueffering, throwing a birthday party and being an integral part of our school PTA fundraiser and it’s only the 11th day of October.  This little bloggy thing is getting sorely neglected, as is my house.  My kids have been eating, and I will be back to share lunches with you, hopefully next week. 

In the meantime, take a peek at my daughter’s 10th birthday party.  Yes, I have a 10 year old.  I don’t know how that happened.  Everyone says my daughter is a whole lot like me, and one of the things she likes to do best is to plan a party.  She ended up having a whole lot of input into this one which worked out pretty well ’cause I really dropped the ball on this one.  Just couldn’t pull it together. 

Her first request was a slumber party.  We’ve never done one of those, but it worked out really well.  A word to the wise:  Dynamics are huge.  A lot of people thought I was crazy to have seven girls under my roof, but they were seven really good girls.  And I mean really good.

Her friends showed up at 4:00 and were each given a bucket to keep their stuff in.  The buckets were just empty storage bins that I had around the house and were big enough to store their sleeping bags/pillows, backpacks and whatever stuff they amassed during their stay.  They made clean up really easy too.

My daughter spent time making a name tag for each of her friend’s – I love that she personalized each one with their interests!  She literally spent hours on these.  Some of the girls took them home, but for those that didn’t, my daughter plans to write thank you notes on the back. 

For awhile they just hung out dancing and talking, but then they got bored.  Part of my lack of planning meant I didn’t have a ton of activities so I had to think on the fly.  As part of their party favor, we gave each girl a lined notebook and pen.  We got those out and the girls wrote an opening sentence of a story and then started passing the notebook around and adding into the storyline.  This kept them busy for a good 30 minutes while I started dinner.  Who knew 9-10 year old girls were so obsessed with potty humor.  And my husband.  Poor guy.

Dinner was simple – spaghetti and meatballs ready in a crockpot so all I had to do was boil noodles and serve.  I had prepared a veggie platter that was barely touched, but since they had already polished off a fruit platter, I wasn’t going to complain.

There was no real theme to my daughter’s party, so we just picked colors that she liked.

After dinner, we had LOTS of time before our main planned activity so we played one game in which all jammies were thrown into a pile and then they had to close their eyes and find their own jammies and get themselves dressed (jammies over their clothes).  Only one mix up…I was impressed.  After that, we did nails and decorated cupcakes:

Another request that my daughter had made was to make “Candy Creatures.”  That turned into “put as much candy on your cupcake as possible,” though they all did come up with pretty cute creations.  And over the course of the night, they ate pretty much all that candy.  I had to tell them I wasn’t calling any moms over upset tummies…

Around 7:00, my ultra-talented friend arrived to teach the girls to make their own glass tile charms and personalized metal charms for necklaces.  All these girls are super creative so they had a good time and I think my friend had fun hanging with this little group of girls too.  I hope! 

No slumber party is complete without a movie, or in our case, two.  Hocus Pocus and Marley and Me, The Puppy Years.  We borrowed a projector which my daughter thought was beyond fantastic.  Poor child is growing up in a one-TV household and that one TV is not so big either.  Some of the girls ate their cupcakes and they all demolished this snack basket:

Water (with a sharpie to write their names on the bottles), fruit roll ups and little bags of crackers.  Didn’t need anymore sugar going into this group of girls.  

Amazingly, the girls were out by 1:00 and not up ’til 8:00.  We had waffles and sausage for breakfast, and then the girls played until they were picked up at 10:00.  It made me laugh that they opted to haul out big empty boxes and build forts…an age-less activity, I guess.

As for decorations, we kept it simple.  I strung colored Christmas lights around the main room – festive, but also functional as we kept these on all night.  I also made a bunch of tissue paper flower pom-poms:

Yes, that is my naughty dog and half a pom-pom.

One last thing that we did to make the party easier was to confine it to two rooms.  This kept the puppy out of mischief, didn’t displace my boys and kept the chaos contained.  It also prevented any girls from going off, and therefore, anyone feeling left out.  We did make my daughter’s room the “quiet room” for anyone that wanted to go to bed early, but no one took that option and everyone quieted down in a reasonable amount of time.

All in all a good party…my daughter wrote me a thank- you note afterwards in which she said, “I admire how much time you put into my party.”  As I feel myself drowning in day-to-day activities (which are still all centered around my kids), it was a breath-stopping reminder that our kids really do notice what we’re up to.  And very often, it’s the experiences that we create for them, the time we give them, and how often we are actually present in their lives.  Best said out of the mouth of a babe, even if she is now 10 years old.


2 Responses to “Turning Ten”

  1. Jen Y Says:

    Sounds like it was a really fun and special birthday party. I think the jewelry making was a great idea. I’d like to do that with my girlfriends!

    The gift of time is truly precious for it’s the one that can make them feel as special as we know they are.

  2. You did a great job!! I loved the Pom Poms, even in my doggy neice’s mouth. I am glad that your daughter had fun. Even though they don’t always show it, I do believe they do appreciate it, at least that is what keeps me going!

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