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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2011

Filed under: Bento,Celebrations — Sarah @ 10:38 pm

What kind of spookiness did you pack into your kids’ lunches today?

The Contents –  Mummy dog, pumpkin apple, banana-ghost, cheesy-ghost, kiwi-stein, carrot sticks

The Details –

Mummy Dog – You’ve probably seen these before, but if not, this is just a hot dog wrapped in crescent roll strips.  Add mustard dot eyes and bake at 375 for about 15 minutes.  If you’re my daughter, wipe the eyes off because you can’t stand mustard that much.

Pumpkin Apple – Half an apple with a carved out face.  Happy faces are much easier to carve than detailed teeth 🙂  I just used a paring knife to make simple cuts.  I’ve seen this done with small oranges too, much more realistic looking, but my kids don’t like to peel oranges at school.

Banana Ghost – Half a banana with mini-chocolate chip eyes.  I soaked these bananas in Fresh Fruit but I’m not sure they’ll last.  We’ll see…they may be rotting, slimy ghosts by lunch.

Cheesy Ghost – Half a cheese stick with mini-chocolate chip eyes.  In the past, I’ve done the face with edible markers but I couldn’t find mine this morning.  I’m thinking the kids prefered the chocolate chips anyhow, ha!  To fringe the bottom, just start tearing up the cheese like you’re peeling off a strip.

Kiwi Stein – Center section of a kiwi fruit with just a bit of peel left for the hair.  Candy eyes and frosting mouth.  Nestled in a Halloween cupcake liner to keep the hot dog mummy from getting soggy.

Carrots were added just for color and to pack the food in to prevent it from sliding everywhere.  Just as a personal aside, I don’t pack sweets into their Halloween lunches as I figure they’ll get enough that day…and I pack as much food into their lunch as possible with the hopes that their bellies will be stuffed full of goodness before any holiday festivities in the afternoon.  Do you employ any lunchtime strategies?

The Verdict – Claims that lunches were good, except the ghost banana.  This one did turn into a slimy mess.  No one touched it.  This lunch was a bit of an experiment too – the little dude won’t eat banana or kiwi but wanted these in his lunch.  I thought maybe the presentation might tempt him to eat it, but no go.  Silly boy just picked the (candy) eyes out and left the fruit. 

Hope you and your family had a happy and safe Halloween!


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