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Making Lunch For One November 14, 2011

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 11:04 pm

Woke up early today to make pizza puffs for the kiddos, but the boys had other plans.  They wanted to buy hot lunch…pizza dippers, no less.  Darn it, thought I could thwart their plans, but no go.  The batter was already made, so it made sense to just go ahead and bake them up and send them to lunch with the girl.  But the rest of her lunch was really a hodge podge of whatever single servings I could scrounge up.  I’ve had readers ask for advice on how to get so much variety into a lunchbox, and I honestly think it is because I’m making lunch for three.  Much easier to give your kiddo 1/3 of an apple plus 1/3 of a carrot, than a whole apple plus a whole carrot.  If you do do lunches for just one, how you get variety into your kiddos box?

Today’s lunch included a pizza puff, small orange, peas, cucumbers and two maple leaf cookies. 

Turns out that it was a good thing I got those pizza puffs made this morning.  My day didn’t go quite as planned and so I got myself into a crunch at dinner time.  The kids ate the rest of the puff and my hubby and I had leftovers.  Crisis averted.


One Response to “Making Lunch For One”

  1. Michelle C Says:

    Even though Sofia doesn’t eat lunch at school, she likes me to pack one for her in the cute little boxes anyways…and then one more for Brandon to take to work gives us variety like 3 school kids.

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