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RACK’ing: Day 1 December 1, 2011

Filed under: Celebrations — Sarah @ 11:02 pm

Today’s act was to bring poinsettias to three different staff members at school. I figured this was a cheery way to kick off the Christmas season! I also wanted to do this in an environment where my kids would be well-received as I wanted Day 1 to be completely successful.

I asked my kids to each think of someone at school who may not be the recipient of a lot of thanks. Not that I don’t think that their teachers don’t deserve an infinite amount of gratitude, but I wanted them to remember that there are so many other people at school who make their days memorable and happy. My kids picked their PE teacher, the janitor, and one of the paraeducators. Unfortunately, I was not with my kids when they handed over their flowers (it was one of those kinds of mornings) but two of my kids reported that the flowers were received with big thank yous and surprised smiles. The third pot of flowers was left on a desk, and hopefully well-received by the very busy janitor J


What I am loving best about this project is that it is turning out to be HUGE! Lots of families have done it in the past and continue to carry on the tradition. But I know that there are many, many more families who have been inspired to join us this month, and that makes my heart happy. I know that some of our neighbor friends cleaned up in our division this afternoon. And another set of school friends picked up two HUGE and BURSTING bags of garbage on their walk home from school. Another set of friends delivered mittens to a local elementary school. Those are just the ones I know of. I know that several other families had activities planned too.

I also love that this is making my kids be more aware of each other: my daughter has been much more pleasant all of us and has readily agreed to help out with tasks around the house when asked. My youngest carried in his sister’s HUGE jump rope bag from the car today without being asked. Yesterday, he had his hands full of his backpack and coat, my coat and his sister’s notebook, again without being asked.

Anxious to see what Day 2 brings us…


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