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RACKing Days 2, 3 and 4 December 4, 2011

Filed under: Celebrations — Sarah @ 9:19 pm

I am happy to report that RACK’ing is working! My little guy was thrilled to hear that the recipient of his poinsettia had RACK’ed someone else after being touched by his actions. Yay!

On Day 2, my kids each chose a friend and did something kind for them. My kindergartener reported that he told their substitute that he liked her necklace (unfortunately, he thinks that she didn’t hear him). My second grader said he took his pod’s (deskmates’) chairs down in the morning before they got to the classroom. And my fourth grader struggled with this one, but she reported that she volunteered to get up in front of the class to work out a division problem when no one else wanted to. This one made me laugh a little, but since getting up in front of a crowd and taking risks is really hard for her, I’ll give it to her.

On Day 3, we visited a local community light show. We got there early, so my kids walked the parking lot picking up large sticks and garbage. The volunteers who were patrolling the parking lot were so nice to thank them for helping out! Later in the night, they held doors for families with strollers.

On Day 4, they headed to the mall to “do an errand” with their dad, but I hear they raided their piggy banks before they left to make a donation to the Salvation Army.



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