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RACK’ing Days 5, 6, and 7 December 7, 2011

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Day 5 has been my personal favorite day of RACK’ing so far. It was really my day to RACK based on the chosen act, but it was the kids’ idea, and on a less busy day, they could have been much more involved. Our family opted to deliver a meal to a family who could use a helping hand…and by this, they meant they wanted to help someone who is just plain ‘ol busy! We chose a family together: this family is of course, insanely busy. Three active kids, two working parents. Mom teaches piano, which means the busiest part of her day is after school and through dinner time. They are also good friends of ours and so it made them an easy choice. It happened that another friend and I were baking that morning, so dessert was a slam dunk. And making a dinner for them? Wow, it actually made MY life easier because I just doubled a recipe that meant I had dinner ready to go too, on our busiest night of the week! Gotta love that!

Day 6 ended up being, well, random. The kids wrapped gifts for the girl we adopted through our school. They made cards for the same girl and a school-mate battling cancer. My daughter reports that she cleared away her friends’ lunch garbage too J

Which brings us to Day 7. We were supposed to clear drains but ended up with playdates that ended up to be dinner-dates. Sometimes it’s just good to hang out and have a good laugh (or in this case, wrestle match) with your buddies!

What have you been up to?


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