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Look, Another Day of 2011 Wrapping Up! January 5, 2012

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 8:01 pm

See what happens when I decide to clean up?  Today, when cleaning old pictures off my phone, I realized I had taken pictures of a few lunches in December.  Here you go:

 This lunch was for College Day at school (I think, it’s been a month).  We are huge UW Husky Fans in this house, so it is no surprise that my kids opted to support the Purple and Gold that day.  Lunch consisted of some sort of sandwich (two quarters, stacked), purple and gold goldfish and a fruit salad made of purple grapes, pineapple and pear chunks.

Here is another lunch.  A hunk of crusty bread, salami and cheese, apples and pears.  My favorite part of this lunch is represented by the dessert:  an oreo truffle.  My friend normally makes these with her husband, but we decided it’d be fun to make them together on our “date” day*.  Spending the afternoon surrounded by chocolate, candy and one of my best friends.  It was definitely one of my favorite days of December.

*Yes, my friend and I have a date day.  We set aside a minimum of one Monday afternoon a month to go do something together.  It’s too easy to let the month get away without seeing each other, and I love it!  Sometimes we do lunch, sometimes we run errands together, we have grand plans to go to the movies in the middle of the day!  In December we made truffles 🙂


Here’s one more December lunch.  Meatballs skewered on holiday picks, marinara sauce, apples, oranges and a sugar cookie.  I haven’t done cookie exchanges in a long time, but this year, I got to go to three.  So fun and I loved having the huge variety of yumminess.

And finally, just to keep on top of things, here is TODAY’s lunch.  More clean up:

Chicken nuggets, wheat thins, apples, carrots, celery and green beans.  A cake pop for dessert.  My friend made the cake pops, I haven’t been able to master these.  Mine turned out a royal mess, but that’s okay, because I have good friends who share. 

What I did want to say about this lunch though, is that I have a lot of people comment that my kids eat a good variety of fruits and vegetables.  This lunch is actually my daughter’s…the boys have a slightly different version that only included one celery stick and the equivalent of 2 green beans.  I have found these lunch boxes a good way to offer less desired foods (in this case, the celery and I wasn’t sure about the green beans).  I can offer a very small portion and since they are often hungry by lunch, they’ll just eat it because there are no other choices.  And, as you can see in this picture, I will sometimes “hide” the favored foods (ie, the carrots) under the greens just to make them dig a bit in hopes that if they touch it, they’ll eat it. 

Both boys ate all the greens.  Only one complained about the celery.  Appearently, I need to send green beans again.

And yes, I know I am lucky that they will eat versus starve.  I know there are plenty of kids out there who would rather starve 🙂  I count my non-picky eaters among my greatest blessings!


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