My Three Kid Circus

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Friday’s Hot Lunch January 8, 2012

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 10:21 pm

I take care of a little baby a few days a week.  Usually he arrives around 6:30, but sleeps until about 8:00 so I’m actually really on top of things since I’m FORCED to be up so early.  But on Friday, he decided to come awake so my morning was a little more chaotic that usual.  Making a “hot lunch” was actually easier so here is what the kids got:

The Contents –  wheat thins, carrots, green beans, apple slices, asian pear slices, and fruit snacks.  The thermos contained mini ravioli. 

The Details – Obviously I did not make the ravioli from scratch…these were the little freeze dried (?) version from Trader Joes.  I personally think they’re quite disgusting, but my kids really like them and it’s one of those packages that are handy to have in the pantry for days like today.



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