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Confessions of a SAHM January 10, 2012

Filed under: Bento — Sarah @ 10:30 pm

Every once in a while (oh, who am I kidding…EVERY DAY), I worry that I have screwed up atleast one of my kids.  Take this, for example: 

On Friday, my almost-six-year-old came home from kindergarten, giddy with excitement.  For those of you who know him in real life, you can picture this, and it’s quite a scene to behold.  For those of you who don’t know him, people often tell me that he is like a cartoon character.  He’s very animated and dramatic in both his facial expressions and his body movements.  So when he is giddy, his whole body oozes with energy.  Anyhow, he runs up to me and says, “Mom!  Guess what Jack told me?!?  He had this in his lunch and it sounds so good!”

As you know, my kids are good eaters.  We try hard to expose them to different foods.  Jack’s parents are pretty healthy, well rounded eaters, so I am quite intriged by what might be so fascinating.

“It’s a sandwich!  And it’s on white bread and it has jam…or jelly, I can’t remember which is which.  And that white stuff that is on our counter on the white plate with a cover!”

“Um, you mean butter?”

“Yeah!  That’s it!”

Oh lordy.  The most exciting part of my kid’s day is that he learned about bread and butter and jelly sandwiches?  And how has he gotten to days shy of his sxith birthday and not heard of this?  What have I done to this poor kid?  Have I really denied him this comfort food? <<Insert…poor third child!>>

In the spirit of rectifying this appalling situation, here is Monday’s lunch:

The Contents – carrots, blueberries, Asian Pear slices, a cooky and of course, a jelly and butter sandwich on white bread.

The Details – I bet you are all rolling your eyes by now.  Of course you all know about jelly and butter sandwiches on white bread.

For those of you wondering about Asian Pears.  If you haven’t had one, go get one.  Or two or three.  Maybe more.  They’re that good.  Some say they are a cross between an apple and pear.  They’re crunchy and juicy at the same time.  They’re sweet but not overly so.  They are covered in a tough yellowish skin that is best removed.  I usually slice them, but I suppose you could eat them whole, like an apple.  I’ll warn you, they are expensive.  They are more readily available right now as some Asian countries celebrate their new year the same calendar as the US, and they are often given to visitors.

The Verdict – Here’s where the story gets a little sad.  My little guy got sick yesterday and didn’t get to enjoy his special lunch 😦  My older two said it was the best lunch ever.  I did make my little one a small butter and jelly sandwich today and he gobbled it right up (and kept it down, even better yet). 

Sheesh.  What have I done.  There really is nothing better than white bread and butter…sometimes with a little jam!


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