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Teacher Appreciation Week May 29, 2012

My kids’ school just celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week not too long ago, and I wanted to share my simple and fairly inexpensive gift idea.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’d seen various pencils-turned-gift ideas and bought several boxes of yellow pencils way back at the start of the school year when they just were a penny each.  Yes, every once in a while, I do plan ahead.  My daughter and I made this for her teacher.  We started with a simple plant (this is a little tiny fuchsia, I forget its proper name, but it was in a four-inch pot so it was only a couple bucks).  I put a wide rubber band around the plant, and then started inserting pencils around the plant.  Because the pot wasn’t straight, the pencils eventually angled themselves for a slightly different effect.  A scrap of ribbon hid the rubber band.  My daughter made her teacher a card that read, “Thanks for helping me grow into a sharp student,” among other fourth-grade-girl sentiments.

It would have definitely been cleaner to glue all of the pencils onto the pot, but this way, the teacher can use the pencils for next year’s class too!  At this price, I will certainly be doing another round of these gifts next year.  Perhaps poinsettias for Christmas?


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