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Still Packing Lunches… June 25, 2012

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My kids are still in school.  Yes, I realize that next week is the 4th of July.  I think we might be the only kids in the entire freakin’ country that are still going to school.  Until Wednesday.  That’s two more lunches I still have to make.  Can we say D.O.N.E. with making lunches this year?

I’ve had a busy spring.  Baseball season kind of sucks the life out of me.  I’ve barely been getting my kids out the door on time and I pretty much never have time to take pictures of their lunches.  But, for you diehards, here are a few of the lunches they’ve enjoyed this spring:

If I remember correctly, it seemed that the best part of this lunch was the layered finger jello.  I’ll have a whole different post on this pretty bit.  My kids were so excited, until we all realized that the finger jello melted just enough to make a big mess of EVERYTHING.  My words of advice about jello:  homemade jello doesn’t seem to stand-up so well in the lunchbox.  Even when I’ve made jello cups in their own container, they seem to melt past a point of being edible.  Finger jello in its own container may be okay, but even that, I’m not going to give a thumbs up.  And yes, I pack it over ice.  They must put extra chemicals in the store bought jello cups to help keep them solid.  I don’t even want to know.

The rest of the lunch was standard fare:  pear bites, carrot sticks and a turkey and cheese sandwich made on a leftover dinner roll.  All of it covered in jello juice.  Yuck.

Leftover biscuits make a good lunch supplement, but these particular biscuits don’t do sandwiches so well because they are crumbly the day after.  Slices of ham, carrot or celery sticks depending on the kid, apple slices and skewered grapes.  Thin Mints for a treat.  Now that’s what my kids call a good lunch!

My littlest loves hard-boiled eggs.  My older kids tend to eat the entire egg if I slice it.  If I send it whole, they just eat the white.  Go figure.  In addition to the sliced egg, I sent a side of hummus and lots of hummus-friendly-dipping food:  pita chips, carrots, apples and celery.

This is just the fruits and veggie portion of this lunch, but doesn’t yellow just make you happy?  Pineapple, carrots and green yellow string beans.  It’s like a box-full of sunshine.  This accompanied a thermos of leftover dinner.

Half a meat and cheese sandwich.  Apple bites, cucumbers and the rest of the beans.  Love my little round containers for the mishmash of leftover Easter candy.

Half a salami and cheddar sandwich.  My daughter also requested hummus on hers.  Strange, but it’s not mine, so who am I to say?  Cherries, apple bites and pretzels.  My kids said the pretzels tasted weird.  Who knew butter (flavored pretzels) could taste weird.  Clearly not my kids.

Two more lunches…who’s counting?


One Response to “Still Packing Lunches…”

  1. Heidi Says:

    You are a better mom than I. I’ve slipped back into letting my kids buy every day because I’m too lazy to make their lunches. 😦 but actually, they tend to eat healthier when they buy because if they don’t like the main choice, they tend to pick the yogurt option. It’d be even better if they’d pick the baked potato but that is a no-go with my kids. Still, I make sure they get their fruits and veggies at home at dinner to somewhat help my guilty concience. Alyssa has been trying to make her own lunches on the sly, but once I saw what she was packing herself (no fruits or veggies) I stopped that! Only two more lunches! Woot!

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