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The Power of Good Book July 2, 2012

Filed under: School Work — Sarah @ 5:55 pm

I love the power of a good book.  One that can’t be put down, one that makes you stay up late or get up early.  But what I love even more is that my kids have discovered this too.

My kids do “summer school,” as they are terming it this year.  We opted for an hour a day, and that hour could be divided between reading, math review, writing assignments, piano practice or checking out the iPad/computer for different education games.  They can choose how to spend it, so long as they put good faith effort into all subject areas.  Some weeks they may have specific tasks that need to be accomplished, but for the most part, the goal is for them to learn to manage their time while keeping their brains active.  Of course, there are some guidelines, but with such a short summer, I’m choosing my battles.

So, it was much to my delight this morning, that my older and independent readers found an entire hour ticked away before they even ate breakfast.  Both of them engrossed in a good book: one, anxious to know how it ended, and the other plowing through a re-read of the much beloved Harry Potter series.  Even my little guy begged to read one more Little Bear story to me last night.

(And bless my kids, despite reading for an hour this morning (and then several more hours this afternoon from my daughter), they both went beyond an hour to accomplish their less favored work.  Gotta love them.)


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