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February Update February 23, 2012

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It’s been a long time. Again. And I even have timely lunches and projects to show you. Let’s just say I want you to be prepared for next year and leave it at that.

Have you had this bread? Dave’s Killer Bread. Seriously good and full of yumminess.  My kids won’t eat it. I sent it, they tried it and told me it was disgusting.  I beg to differ, so I just saved the rest for my hubby and I.

Anyhow, pretty simple lunch here: half a turkey sandwich, pears and letter cookies.  It’s fun to send specific letters…names, short messages.  I think my bookend kids actually play with the letters at lunch.  I imagine that they are even conversation starters for the 10 year old girls.


This is the dipper lunch.  All things that my kids can dip into hummus. Pita, carrots, sugar peas, cucumber and apple slices. An almond cookie for dessert.

Another dippy lunch. I can tell I must have been to Costco recently. Pretzels and yogurt covered raisins.



Asian infusion lunch.  Noodles tossed in sesame oil, a touch of soy and who knows what else.  Chinese BBQ pork.  Mandarin oranges.  Pears and a cookie wrapped in plastic so that the oils from the noodles don’t ruin it.



Kid lunch galore.  Crackers and cheese (cheese is in a silicone muffin liner so that it doesn’t touch the crackers and make the crackers soggy).  Yogurt covered pretzels.  Apples.  And grapes and strawberries on a stick.  My boys won’t either if they aren’t on a stick…put them on a stick and they’d each a pound of each.  Go figure.


Valentine’s Day Lunch (see, I told you there would be timely lunches). More fruit on a stick plus the featured *hot* dog. Yes, my children made that up. Anything “sexy” is hilarious to them. Including a *hot* dog on Valentine’s Day. To make it heart shaped, I sliced it in half on the diagonal and reassembled it, using a toothpick to hold it together. If you wanted to be really cute, you could find an arrow shaped toothpick, or cut appropriately shaped pieces from cheese to attach to the toothpick to make your own arrow. This lunch also had a side of mac and cheese.

Another cracker and cheese lunch.  This one has that spreadable cow cheese (that’s the sliver wedge tucked in the corner), ham slices, kiwi, apples and a side of crackers.  For dessert, the kids got fortune cookies and a lychee candy.


A “cute” lunch.  My daughter had a school assignment in which she was supposed to write a love note to her parents.  Among the charming things she had to say:  “Mommy, you are so creative with crafts, and you used to be with lunches for school, but that’s stopped now, thanks to the boys.”  So I am trying to make amends with her – meatballs with cute picks and cheetos.  What kid wouldn’t love me?  And yesterday, I was chastised for not putting vegetables in her lunch, so today she gets cucumber slices and carrot sticks in addition to apples and strawberries.


And NO!  I didn’t send a six pack of beer for my kids’ lunches!  That’s my hubby’s Valentine Day present.  Inspired by this, executed at midnight with only the kids’ leftover scraps.  Not usually a good plan, but he loved it anyhow.  Do it next year, your hubby will love it!