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More Clean Up and Wrap Ups January 4, 2012

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Here is another lunch that was made from leftovers:

The Contents:  Deli chicken slices and cream cheese wrapped in a tortilla, orange and apple slices, cheese booty, something from the hodge podge of leftover Christmas cookies.

The Details:  In my almost-6 year old’s case, his cookie included the belly and one leg of his massive gingerbread cookie.  He calls these his “man cookies.”

And as part of my 2011 wrap up, I wanted to show you a project that my husband and daughter worked on over the holiday break.  It’s another one of those projects that I find online and sign him up for, but he didn’t mind this one too much.  My daughter likes to work with him in the “shop” and it wasn’t so hard that they didn’t kill each other.  He built the table for her and then printed the directions and wrapped them up for Christmas.  Together, they built the benches and painted it in the color of her choice.

Here are the directions if you’d like to build your own.  He built it to spec, except for lengthening the benches a bit…I guess so her dolls could have a bit more space.  It was a very inexpensive project…about $5 for the wood, $6 for specific nail gun nails plus paint. (of which he has most of the package left).  He had wood glue on hand.

And speaking of wrapping, here is the wrapping that intrigued my kids to no end:

I made each of them a pillowcase using this pattern.  Looks complicated with the three different fabrics, but it was really so easy.  As in each pillowcase probably took less than 30 minutes.  I think I’ll be making a few more as a fun gift wrap for upcoming birthdays.  They were great for wrapping the odd shaped present, like the table.  Or the really heavy present, like the ream of paper and paper airplane folding book for my almost-6 six year old.  And the best one was the one in the middle that was stuffed with 24 unwrapped socks (courtesy of our puppy, who got into the original nicely wrapped package) for my eight year old who feels the need to rip holes in atleast two socks a week. 

In addition towatching my kids get giddy with anticipation, this made me smile too:

Loved seeing my almost-6 year old stuff almost his entire body into his pillow case!  Oh, and notice his jammie pants.  Wish I had a better picture to show you, but those were a result of my Christmas-moment-of-insanity when I decided that my kids needed matching jammie pants.  Their daddy loves the Rudolph movie, so when I found fleece with all of the characters from the movie, I just had to add that to my list of things to do too 🙂