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April Fools! April 1, 2011

Filed under: Bento,Celebrations — Sarah @ 10:28 am

What kinds of pranks have gone on in your household today?  I think my kids are unsuspecting when it comes to their lunch boxes…sorry for the bad picture and poorly laid out lunch!

The Contents – a container of ritz bits, a rotten asian pear and sushi.

The Details – Inside the ritz bits container is Pirates Booty and half a sandwich.  The asian pear is very obviously stuffed with a gummy worm.  And the sushi is made of Rice Krispy treats, gummy worms and Simply Fruit Rolls Ups.

My youngest and I had fun making the sushi yesterday.  First, he mixed up a batch of Rice Krispies for the “rice.”  Then we rolled out a Simply Fruit Roll Up (hint:  peel it off its wrapper and then lay it back down on a flat surface – it’ll be easier to work with).  Using your fingers, flatten a scoop of the mixed Rice Krispy out onto the fruit roll up.  Lay your “filling” down the middle of the “rice.”  We used gummy worms, but use your imagination!  Roll the fruit roll up back up, and press the edges together to seal it.   They were easier to cut once they’d sat overnight, but if you’re impatient, it could be done right away.

We also made nigiri – Rice Krispies shaped into a round rectangle, topped with a fish molded from a Starburst – but my kids ate them before I got a picture.

All in fun…we’ll see what they say when they get home!

I will have to say that this lunch was more challenging to make than I thought it’d be!  I saw lots of cute ideas for swapping food around into different wrappers (ie, putting carrot sticks in an empty bag of cheetos), but when you do lunches bento-style, it’s suddenly a little harder!


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